If you pay attention to the television adverts there are hundreds of reasons why you should be playing online bingo, but if you’ve not been sold by any of them in particular yet but you are thinking about giving it a go, why should you?

Games go through trends of being popular and then being forgotten about – a bit like Angry Birds, one of the most downloaded smartphone apps ever which has faded away in the last year or so – but online bingo seems to be here to stay.

While the traditional game might – and I emphasise might – have had its day with halls being forced to close due to declining participants, the online format is growing in popularity with the companies behind them investing more and more money into their online bingo games rather than spending the money on traditional halls. As a result each gaming site has dozens of great games to play and they appeal to the young and old, new and experienced but, going back to my initial question, why should you play online bingo?

Essentially there are three main reasons why you should definitely give it a go if you haven’t already, starting with the amazing offers and prize money being offered these days. Depending on the site you choose to play on, you get a number of offers when you initially sign up. Some offer significant sums of money to play with before you even have to deposit a penny into your gaming account, others require you to put some funds into an online wallet before they give you a chunk of free money to play with. Either way, it’s free cash which could lead to even more free cash, what’s not to love there?

Additionally, a lot of the top sites offer bonuses on any prize money you win in certain games. For example, you might find that in your chosen game there is a 200% bonus available on the prize money you win which can make a huge difference and provides a real incentive to give that game a try or to come back again in the future for another go.

Then you have the fact that the online bingo review sites like Two Big Ladies or Sea have analysed all of the top bingo sites on the web and given them all ratings to help you to find the best ones to play on and the ones you should really avoid if you want to win some money, have fun, chat with friends or have a combination of them all.

By doing all the background work for you these review sites allow you to go straight to the best sites if you wish rather than having to invest time and money into the comparatively poor sites only to realise after spending your money that the game is rubbish and you really don’t want to play. Instead you can get straight to the good sites and games and have fun.

The final reason you should give online bingo a try is because you can now play it anywhere, anytime in the majority of cases. These sites have realised that mobile gaming is becoming a key part of our lives and sometimes we fancy a game while sat in the car waiting for the kids to come out of their after school club or while we’re on our lunch breaks at work. Now, rather than having to wait for your partner or the children to be off the home PC or laptop, you can sit down with your smartphone or tablet and have a game whenever you feel like it.

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