Bingo has all of a sudden become cool again with all kinds of people getting in on the action. Okay, they might not be playing the game as we all know it, sat at a table with a card and a marker pen ticking off the numbers as they’re called out; but they are playing the online version which has revitalised the game from being in a desperate position with halls closing down to one of the biggest gaming sectors.

Men and women of all ages are now logging onto sites whenever they get the opportunity, whether that’s at home in the evenings having put the kids to bed, while on their lunch breaks or on their daily commutes all because bingo is now available to play on laptops and mobile devices rather than just the traditional halls.

So while the online bingo sector itself is thriving with people playing on all kinds of sites and trying out a wide range of different themed games; a newcomer might have a number of questions relating to how, where and why to play. To try and answer some of those questions, here are five things you need to know about online bingo:

Choose a Reason for Playing

Everyone plays games for a reason, with some playing to get away from the stresses and strains of everyday life, others taking part to try and win money and others to try and be ‘cool’ by playing the games that people are talking about either in school, the office or on social media. Choose your own reason for playing and you can then narrow down your search so that it is focussed on specific sites rather than the online bingo industry as a whole, especially as this is expanding all the time!

Visit a Bingo Review Website

Having decided what you’re looking for in your bingo experience it’s definitely worth going to a review website. You can take these aims and compare bingo websites at so that you don’t have to spend ages looking for the site that suits you, they do it for you. These web pages will look at numerous aspects of the site from the offers available to the user experience and the site speed to ensure that you are given all you need to know before you register an account and spend any money.

Play Free Games

On that note, as a newcomer to the industry it would be worthwhile to spend some time playing free games so that you fully understand how the game works before you spend any of your hard-earned money on a game that you don’t get. You need to understand how to mark your card, the rules of the games available in each ‘room’ and how to take advantage of promotions so that you’re not learning from your costly mistakes.

Take Your Time

It’s also highly worth your while to play in smaller rooms before you go targeting the big prizes. Each game costs money to play when there is prize money at stake so it’s worth ensuring that you know how to play, when to quit and the best opportunities to win before you jump in at the deep end with everyone else trying to win the mega prizes.

Provide Your Own Food and Drink!

Finally, you need to remember that you’re not in a traditional hall now and you need to stay fed and hydrated! There is no waitress service in the online space, unless you can convince your friends or partner to bring you some anyway which, let’s be honest, is highly unlikely; so be sure to take breaks for food and drink!

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