It goes without saying that the aim of the game when it comes to online casino casinos is to finish up with more money than you started with.

After all, none of us sign up for a game of Poker, or to indulge in a spot of slot gaming with the sole idea of spending money. We do it to make as much as we can.

Alas, as with most things in life, the former is a necessarily evil if we’re to have any luck at the latter.

With that in mind, before you sign up and make a deposit at an online casino, here’s a few things we thought you might like to know about paying to play your favourite games.

Welcome bonuses
Over the last several years, the online gaming industry has experienced a boom like perhaps never before. With each passing month, it seems like there’s more casino sites, more games, and more real-time competitions to get stuck into, all of which only serves to benefit us as players.

Whilst it may go without saying that this leads to greater freedom of choice in terms of deciding where to play, it goes beyond even that.

As a byproduct of increasingly stiff competition, many of the leading casino sites frequently attempt to outdo one another by attracting new players with tempting welcome bonus offers.

In most cases, this comes in the form of what they call a ‘match bonus,’ ie: you deposit £10, and they’ll match it to give you £20 to play with, you deposit £50, and they’ll match it penny-for-penny to put your total betting fund at £100.

Depending on the site you sign up with, you may also be able to benefit from some free cash without you having to spend a penny. Simply sign up, and your casino will drop say, £10 in your account, just as a thank you.

Cashing out on casino money
Though getting your hands on free money from your casino is a good way to get you going, be careful when it comes to cashing out. As you may have already gathered, online gaming sites are not too keen on letting you walk away with money they gave you for free. In that situation, you’ll need to have accumulated a prize fund using your own money before you can make a withdrawal.

Payment methods
It’s very rare that you’ll find an Internet casino which doesn’t accept all the major credit and debit cards. If you do come across one, we’d maybe question their motives in refusing the kind of payment methods that the majority of the population use on a daily basis.

Those who prefer to keep their online and offline activities separate may benefit from going with one of the leading casino sites who also accept PayPal as a possibility for deposits and withdrawals.

The main downside to that, is that PayPal like to take their own cut, especially if you’re eventually going to put that money into your bank account, but if you have a few pounds lying around in your account that you’d rather use before dipping into your regular current account, this is a good option to consider.

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